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Welcome to Qiaocheng Asset Management.
Our role is to understand your financial goals and provide creative solutions to accomplish them.

About Us

Qiaocheng Asset Management provides financial services and solutions to private, corporate and institutional investors on a global scale.

Based in Hong Kong, Qiaocheng Asset Management follows a strict legal framework that gives our local and international partners and investors confidence and peace of mind.

We manage money for both inexperienced and seasoned investors who want to benefit from the tools, knowledge, and experience of our highly skilled investment analysts and managers.

Our experienced team puts the protection of investor assets and performance of client portfolios at the forefront of our company ethos. We manage client assets to be held with a number of leading global custodians and constantly manage and monitor performance on a daily basis.

  • Financial Advice
  • Wealth Management
  • Retirement Planing
  • Commodities
  • Investment Funds
  • Equities
Financial Guidance

We understand that everyone’s financial journey is different. Our approach to financial and investment planning is based on your own unique goals.

Investment Solutions

Our flexible and dynamic approach to multi-asset investing provides risk and return benefits not typically achievable by investing in a single asset class.

Global Market Access

We provide global access and offer a comprehensive solution for your global investing needs with a range of investments adding value to your financial objectives.

Full Transparency

Full transparency is knowing exactly how your money is invested. We promote accountability as the gold standard of financial advice.

About Us

Protecting Investors Interests

Our primary goal is to protect and increase your wealth so that you can enjoy both now and future financial security. Since everyone of our clients has unique needs, goals, and time frames, our Wealth Management Team will provide you with service that is just as unique as we are.

Your Wealth Management Advisor will talk to you about your own investing objectives and plans while making recommendations that you might not be aware of, enhancing the value of your portfolio. You have complete control over your money and the advantage of consulting a competent, registered professional about current market conditions.

Our Solutions

We Bring Together Marketplaces & Finance

We work closely with our investors, keeping them informed of events that may affect their investment portfolios in a timely fashion so that any decision can be made when it is necessary.

We aim for your relationship with your broker to be one that you will have for many years, working together, discussing new opportunities, obtaining market advice, whilst having peace of mind that we have your best interests at the core of our ethos.

Our Solutions

Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management Team have considerable market experience and knowledge which allows us to be proactive in communicating ideas and opportunities as they present themselves. The principles of compound interest are at the core of what we do. Through preparation, planning, and disciplined execution – we will work hard to ensure the power of compound interest works as a tailwind in helping you achieve your financial objectives.

Our investment team possess the expertise that will enable us to make innovative investment recommendations that match your financial criteria and goals. If your objective is to create maximum income or stable capital growth, your Wealth Management Advisor will always be there to offer you the right guidance.

Below are some of our companies advantages:

  • Our clients receive regular investment advice, but ultimately investors decide whether or not to act on the advice.
  • You can discuss your own investment ideas and financial goals with our advisors.
  • A proven tailored investment service to meet your own needs and investment goals.
  • Portfolio guidance and advice on investment construction if or when you need it.
  • Experienced advisors who will advise you when to buy, hold or sell.
  • Your own Wealth Management Advisor who understands you and your investment objectives, risks and goals.
  • Innovative news and updates when the markets change.
  • A diverse portfolio, not limited to in-house investments or standard stock market offerings.

Our Investment Products

  • 15% Cryptocurrencies

  • 25% Commodities

  • 30% Equities

  • 27% Stock Funds

  • 13% Reserved Funding

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Our Timeline

We first opened our doors in Hong Kong in 2016 as the newly formed Qiaocheng Asset Management brokerage group. We've since grown into an independent and market leader in Hong Kong with $1.5 billion in assets under-management. Every day, we handle thousands of trades worth millions of dollars and support communications that span six continents. Throughout this evolution, our mission has remained consistent, to confidently make positive trading decisions and empower the financial wellness of our clients.

  • 2016-2017


    Beginning as the (first division), the newly formed Qiaocheng Asset Management brokerage services quickly establishes itself as a leader in Hong Kong securities processing.

    2016 2017
    Launch Establishing Footprint
    Forms Qiaocheng Asset Management in February 2016, which serves over 30 major clients in its first year, processing an average of 500 trades per night. Qiaocheng Asset Management expands its network in Asia with the opening of its Singapore analytics office. Modifies and enhances brokerage securities processing and grows client base, expanding operations into Canada, USA, Europe and Australia.

  • 2018-2019

    Global Scale and Expanding Capabilities

    Qiaocheng Asset Management remains privately owned safeguarding from short-term market pressures, unlike many of its competitors. This flexibility allows Qiaocheng Asset Management to invest over time in the infrastructure and technology that enabled the company's Wealth Management Department to flourish.

    2018 2019
    Reshaping Trading
    Driving Efficiency
    Qiaocheng Asset Management transforms the way firm connects to investors and builds its global presence. Expands investment in cryptocurrency trading. Creates offering for investor communications business, and re-architects laborious time-consuming proxy process, becoming one of the largest full-service brokerage firms in HK with a healthy share of the market.

  • 2020-Present Day

    Next-Level Growth

    Qiaocheng Asset Management expands organically and via acquisitions to help new industries transform processes and produce real business value as a trusted partner of the SFC financial services organization.

    2020 2022
    Reshaping Communications and Securities Processing Building Tomorrow
    Rolls out multi-instrument, multi-currency trading and settlement system. As a recognized partner to financial services firms and businesses, Qiaocheng Asset Management expands organically and through acquisitions to help new industries transform operations and create real business value. Upgrades to new modern domain: Establishes a new standard for investment and risk management technology, enabling investors to seamlessly manage portfolios across public and private asset classes on a single platform.

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

What can a QAM Advisor offer you?

We will discuss your financial goals and concerns during your initial meeting with us. This consultation is free of charge and without obligation.
By getting to know you, we can better answer your financial questions.
The goal of this initial consultation is for you to feel at ease with our advisors.

People come to us for assistance in understanding their finances.
Some people are confused by too many investment options, want to maintain their current lifestyle in retirement, or are unsure how to achieve their financial goals.
For these reasons, we believe it is critical to understand your objectives in order to assist you in maintaining your ideal lifestyle without depleting your resources.

Do I need to invest a lot?

Before investing, make sure you have a sufficient emergency fund and have paid off any unnecessary credit cards or high-interest consumer debt.
If you are single or married and only have one income, it is recommended that your emergency fund cover six (6) months of living expenses.
If you are married or have two income sources, three (3) months of living expenses is an appropriate amount for your emergency fund.

How frequently will we have meetings?

Most clients meet with our advisors at least once a year or twice a year.
However, we are completely willing to work around you and your schedule especially if you are based offshore.
Meeting or talking directly with your advisor on a regular basis is essential because it allows us to see if anything has changed in your personal situation or career that may impact how your portfolio is currently managed.
As financial advisors, we understand that goals change, which is why we make it a priority to manage your assets to complement these changes.

What differentiates you from everyone else?

  • We are professionals who are warm, friendly, and caring.
  • We are fee-only advisors (no product sales), Meaning we only make money when you make money. We specialize in life planning to assist you in achieving your goals.
  • We have over twenty years of combined financial planning experience. We have a business continuity plan in place in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

Why should I put my trust in Qiaocheng Asset Management?

We are a collaborative team of individuals well prepared to better your life situation and empower the financial wellness of our clients. Everyone at Qiaocheng Asset Management are transparent and forthright individual, eager to apply their expertise to your situation. We are involved in our communities and schools to better humankind.

What are the your fees?

Our advisory charges are based on a percentage of the client’s (net) profits. The fee is on the sale proceeds only at a fixed rate of 3.5{6aec6c43ba129b68f3653b207a0cdff883bd232b73750be8210a37333e2e5079}

How often can I get an update on my account?

We maintain a highly accessible business practice. You can expect to reach us whenever you need assistance by phone, email and in person. Under normal circumstances, we offer a full service advisory account to all our clients, giving you up-to-date market news delivered to you by your advisor on a weekly basis.

What is your financial philosophy?

We are client-focused and committed to building long-term partnerships with them. We take our position as financial planners very seriously, and we are dedicated to always acting in our clients’ best interests. We’re not only “brokers,” but also Wealth Managers that want to be a part of your life.

What is the process you follow when managing my investments?

We conduct thorough research to design effective investment strategies, and we monitor these investments on a regular basis to ensure that they are performing as intended. Your investment decisions are made in conjunction with your other major financial objectives.

What aspects of investing can you help with?

All parts of your financial life that worry you are important to us, and we will discuss them throughout our regular talks.

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