• 2016-2017


    Beginning as the (first division), the newly formed Qiaocheng Asset Management brokerage services quickly establishes itself as a leader in Hong Kong securities processing.

    2016 2017
    Launch Establishing Footprint
    Forms Qiaocheng Asset Management in February 2016, which serves over 30 major clients in its first year, processing an average of 500 trades per night. Qiaocheng Asset Management expands its network in Asia with the opening of its Singapore analytics office. Modifies and enhances brokerage securities processing and grows client base, expanding operations into Canada, USA, Europe and Australia.

  • 2018-2019

    Global Scale and Expanding Capabilities

    Qiaocheng Asset Management remains privately owned safeguarding from short-term market pressures, unlike many of its competitors. This flexibility allows Qiaocheng Asset Management to invest over time in the infrastructure and technology that enabled the company's Wealth Management Department to flourish.

    2018 2019
    Reshaping Trading
    Driving Efficiency
    Qiaocheng Asset Management transforms the way firm connects to investors and builds its global presence. Expands investment in cryptocurrency trading. Creates offering for investor communications business, and re-architects laborious time-consuming proxy process, becoming one of the largest full-service brokerage firms in HK with a healthy share of the market.

  • 2020-Present Day

    Next-Level Growth

    Qiaocheng Asset Management expands organically and via acquisitions to help new industries transform processes and produce real business value as a trusted partner of the SFC financial services organization.

    2020 2022
    Reshaping Communications and Securities Processing Building Tomorrow
    Rolls out multi-instrument, multi-currency trading and settlement system. As a recognized partner to financial services firms and businesses, Qiaocheng Asset Management expands organically and through acquisitions to help new industries transform operations and create real business value. Upgrades to new modern domain: www.qamltd.hk. Establishes a new standard for investment and risk management technology, enabling investors to seamlessly manage portfolios across public and private asset classes on a single platform.